1st post.

1st post 2010

it’s a new year, it’s been a great year for year 2009,

loads of ups and downs, moments  i thought i have given up hope.

But well, i’m here. The one of the main things this year is to REMEMBER.

I don’t want to forget anymore. I don’t want to forget what God has given me this life.

Be it the tough, the moments of grief and sadness, I don’t want to forget, I want to cherish what I have before me right now.

Before things take a turn, I want to remember as much as I can.

I think, it’s a pain to forget !

anyways, i’m so lazy to photograph the paintings i did. :(

as usual. i’ve got to clear up my table and cupboards before school starts. fretting it like crazy. :x

no inspiration for a MAJOR clean up.

Here’s some New Year Resolutions i’ve made!

1. Giving of my time to the Father :D

2. Sleeping Early, as early as I can. :x before 2 a.m hopefully.

3. Keeping schoolwork within weekdays only, not on weekends.

4. Spending once a week, in some Garden I can find, probably Botanical Gardens. (it’s still the best so far, lesser mozzies ;p )

5. Spending more time in Prayer with Daddy God – intimacy and intercessory prayers (:

6. Learning to Commnicate better – Listening Skills and my Explanation

7. Studying Deep the Word of God  – 30 mins of devotion every morning before I head out, listening to a mp3 sermon weekly

8. Hoping to see Lasalle, changed by God’s power.

9. Dress beautifully, the way God made me to be :D

10. Enjoy the courtship with lovely boy (: taking it slow and enjoy it! and may it always be yielding towards Christ.


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