i’m back from the mountains.

literally, the silence and solitude i had was fantastic up in Chiang Mai.

I really needed that, too many voices in me telling me all kinds of stuff.

I really didn’t know what to do.. i guess clarity was it! for me :D

enjoyed the time, painting and painting and painting. during retreat. and it unfolded a lot for me (:

let me have some time , to write the story thru my paintings (: i didn’t know how to do a review this retreat so i whipped that out and explained what happened inside of me (:

it’s really not easy to adjust, really back home now. i’m used to walking a slower speed. a really slow speed actually. don’t feel like talking. wanting to sleep at 930 pm. i’m not kidding u.

o wells.. i wonder am i so not well read, that i don’t know tuesdays with morrie but yes i must say it’s a show I can watch over and over again. I got back all my results and stuff, it doesn’t show a thing honestly. but i discovered my class list and my timetable. AWESOME is the word. Late monday morning classes. that ends at lunch hour and tuesday night classes. wednesdays as usual guest lectures… Thursday a longer day (: but with FRIDAYS free.. actually i don’t know what i’m in for. to have chose image and communication, for goodness sake it’s my weakest. now i’m in for a new thing altogether. fly and by. truly i need to learn to FULLY and really FULLY dependent on Jesus (:

late nights. please don’t come. i don’t want to befriend you at all. :x

actually excited for classes and doodles on my new sketchbook!


One thought on “i’m back from the mountains.

  1. silent retreat for many many days away from everything sounds really good. let me know when you’re going again, i wanna go. :)

    i have tuesday with morrie, you can borrow it if you want, laughed and cried buckets. the author has written 2 other books too i think.

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