fly fly fly

i had a enjoyable time cooking (; cooking is art… at one time while cooking i saw the vegetable as materials for art. haahah! i’m nuts, ignore me (: we had aglio olio, stir fry veggies, cream soup and beef patty for dinner (: for the entire family (;

i think we are very satisfied (:  after everything. enjoyed the time!

with that, I also finished packing the luggage and ready to fly to Thailand, Chiang Mai for retreat for 10 days! yay!

Silence. (: it’s the best.

then i’ll be in bangkok for 5 days for recreation and shopping (;

then i’ll be home on 22 dec touching down on midnight. (:

i’ll probably be not posting for the 2 weeks (:

It’s my favorite country i’m going to Thailand! :D  TOM YUMMMMMM GOONNGG



God, i pray your will be done, whatever u choose to reveal in the retreat. it’ll not be beyond me :)


One thought on “fly fly fly

  1. Smarmahargo says:

    Amazing post, didn’t thought reading this was going to be so cool when I looked at the link.

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