Awesome God.

Awesome God

Our God is an awesome God ,

He reigns from Heaven above

with wisdom, power and love

Our God is an awesome God.

Beautiful  song as always, i came across it in my itunes and the first and the best song I could play on the guitar is this song. It’s easy but it meant a lot to me.  How awesome is the Lord, how often it’s so easy to turn our eyes from Him and look at things on our perspective than on Him. How we choose, to be disturbed by issues rather than worshipping Him for who He is and doing every other thing but to come and worship Him. Worship is a lifestyle, not a sunday event or cell group event. It’s every single day. I miss times where the people of God coming together just coming together in worship and prayer :D it reminds of the music workshop, by a special group of people I salute to. When you have a band who is worshipping God and playing with them is a great honor. Because it’s amazing, you know what is going on. samsam is hanging on to God, though I’m tired. I feel refreshed when I come to Him in the mornings. They are beautiful because even though He doesn’t speak, that assuring presence is there. Quiet, very quiet. But it’s like a couple who doesn’t talk yet knows one another well. :) i’m learning in this journey. To think God took away everything, nopes. He stretched my ears and my quiet posture even deeper :D

* sidenote : I’m flying to Thailand for 15 days! Air tickets all booked. 10 days retreat: Silent retreat. What can I ask for?  then BKK for shopping and then Home!  in Dec.


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