absolutely blue.

i’m absolutely blue today.

I didn’t do much work again.

I did a painting today, didn’t feel like talking or anything today.


inside of me, i found something hidden for a good enough time.

i realized, i bottled every hurt inside of me, refusing to say a thing.

Till today, it’s so blue that I decided to paint.

Painting needs no words, it’s just pure silence.

Just Daddy and I painting.

I picked the color and went ahead.

That’s how i felt, when i painted the above.

this heart, needs to be healed again..

sometimes, i wonder why i can’t put on a facade.

there seemed to be no way, to pretend i’m alright..

when i’m not at all.

Well, it’s not the end of the painting,

neither the healing thru painting.

But i’m just lost of what to paint at the empty space … or just write something..

Wells, well. enough said.


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