awfully simple.

Art is MUJI 無印良品

After this stressful week, i woke up today.

Decided to make my way to Muji.

I got myself a new 2010 planner.

it’s awesome and minimalistic

then, got some brown notebooks

and a recycled paper notebook.

I felt like doing products shots ,

there goes as the above.

Revamped this blog back to the old skin.

It’s looks better thanks with reference to

that’s why it appears this way.

it’s really tough keeping this blog. :x

then, i reorganized my entire mac.

especially my folders.

changed the icons.

changed the coco chanel’s wallpaper to

a beautiful childlike one.

all things I did today, have nothing to do with schoolwork.

sadly, it’s time to look into BOYZONE again.

that’s what my brief is about. so here i go research;

thank you for the many prayers!

I’m coping with the stress, my brain functions way too fast!

It gives me mind boggling headaches!


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