be lost in this storm!

it’s a new season. 

hmm. i’m just wondering a lot. 

about a cover-up society

a place where everything has been whitewashed

we no longer embrace truth but cover everything

that has been wrong

where will this get, big fat layers of whitewash? 

I hope I won’t be a layer of whitewash in this life. 

the truth is the truth, no whitewashing required. 

speak it, if not everyone is living under a whitewash. 

Whitewash Whitewash, when did your existence came about? 

Hiding away shame, but yet you can’t hide from the eyes of the Lord. 

wells. just some random thoughts. 

Anyways, i guess i’m going go do something tonight.

like sketching (: 

my hands are itching.

needa pop by artfriend tmr! 

single hole punch. A3 marker paper. more paper. 


I shall make my night fun! 

Byeeeess! :D

the storm is here, sam’s looking to the Lord. 
He’s the one who has been with me thru my darkest moments.

thank you Lord (:  


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