what i’ve been up to.


sleeping only 15 hours the past few days, it really :x .. 

deadlines. they are horrible, but yes, have been working on the project on recipe. 

I’m not done yet. It’s a sketch yesterday morning done within 30 mins. :D

i’m going to combine my 2 sketches to an A3 poster. well. samsam wonders how it’ll turn out :x 

anyways. more to do. i’ve got a new deadline. next monday. Artifact of Consumerism.

Everyone’s heart sank when we heard that. :x 

next project is here already. Advertising. 

Red Bull. gives you wings. 

totally in need of that. the terrible late nights :D

well well. bounced off! 

But still, I want to give Thanks and Praise to God, Most High

He is good, I made my deadline still. And still had 4 hr of sleep. 

so yes. :D

well, well..


3 thoughts on “what i’ve been up to.

  1. Joel Tay says:

    Sewing a rainbow patch on underwear makes someone happy? I won’t want anyone sewing mine. LOL

  2. hehe! the underwear with the rainbow patch will make me happy! :p

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