‘Some of us may be uncomfotable using the word “Happiness” in relation to Christian service. To serve God for our own Happiness and satisfaction appears to be selfish, to say the least. We tend to measure the value of an act of service by the amount of pain and sacriface that’s required. Doing something simply for enjoyment seems to devalue the act.’

– S.J Hill, Enjoying God

it made my day and evening (: , denying yourself doesn’t mean to rid of all your pleasures. The Lord gave us pleasure to enjoy, but we reject it totally and think that pain and sacriface is the way to please God. Hmm, isn’t it so. I seemed to have once been consumed by this. if only, we knew denying yourself meant simply taking up the will of God. Being so satisfied in Him. :D alright there you go for tonight. 2:48 a.m … and I did logo designs today. so happy to see the designs, really simple. because i never believed in complexity. alright. i need to crash. Tmr, i’m doing my school project! we’ll see! :D we’ll see.. i think it’s going to be bonkers and crazy but i’ll sleep on it. what makes the world cute. my first thought. GOD. haa. really, crazy already. life is just super fun! ;p


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