when you’re captivated.

as i was reading this book, enjoying God by S.J Hill

there’s something that caught my attention. 

something about sins, sins that captured you and you do it repeatedly. 

as if you can’t get out of it. even though you love daddy God, no matter how you want to rid of, it seems impossible. 

isn’t it true? I would think it is. 

Try making a  poster that says No to drugs, do you think drug addicts will give up their drugs? 

I don’t think so. But I don’t doubt God’s strength and His Sovereignty. 

But what will rid you of your sins and addictions is something that will captivate you. 

When we know the God who captivate us, we won’t want to leave His presence, and we naturally walk away from this life of sin, to find ourselves in His arms. 

Dear God, captivate me once again, to rest in Your love, to enjoy the time I have with You always. :)


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