the next few months..

it’s great fun today.

a relaxed afternoon with Rcellers.

Wii and Citadel. 

they made my day with min wei’s food. yumyum! (: 

it’s quite a journey next few months I see from here. 

I don’t know. samsam. you gotta keep going to God!

you gotta keep Him first all the time, not design , not anything else.. 

i’ll be strong, gotta learn even greater patience with things and stuff. 

quiet. quiet. quiet. these days, you Lord has been quite quiet.. 

But, I believe He’s there watching me still (: 

watching this clumsy dumbdumb bumping around and catching me when I fall. (:

i better list a do list tonight. if not it will really accumulate. 

1. Urbane (logo and concept)

2. lovemomji research + design + concept 

3. Recipe Studio Project research + design + concept

4. learn how to do a watercolor wash! 

5. READ my painting books borrowed from the library. :D 


:D bounced off. and my headache’s a lot better. blogging helps ? :D


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