the other world.

it seems so surreal sometimes. 

i seem to be living in 2 entire worlds. 

in reality, it’s the world everyone lives in. 

but in this other world, it’s like some artists world, where imagination runs. 

I went to page one yesterday, because I was once again curious over the making of Hayao Miyazaki’s film. 

Well, I found some answers, it’s back to the way one live. And trying to express what it’s like living in reality and put it back to the arts. From there, the other world, you go as far as your imagination takes you. The dreams, fairy tales… We live in that world, you can call it the ideal. But i guess, it’s the child in us. Same goes to Jimmy Spa, as I was reading his Sound of Colors. I guess, truly, we enter another world when we make art, like a tunnel we pass thru and we’re in somewhere else. How can this better, to be able to do this.. Because you seem to be live in a magical place. But again, in the other world, I would be lost without Jesus. So I will take him with me. :D


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