it’s time to be out!

honestly, it’s very boring to stay at home. 

:D  that’s why i’m going out now!  late awakenings in the noon, just makes time pass so quickly. 

grabbing a cup of ribena, and off I go. 

I need  a break from my house and granny. I find myself fighting with her everyday and all day long trying to cook rice. :( 

It’s not her fault you see, she cooks so little rice.. my poor family don’t have enough to eat. :) 

alright, i’m going out!  

Oh yea, King David’s life is something I really look up to. :D


One thought on “it’s time to be out!

  1. themoreiseekyou says:

    Haha King David! eh i finally finished 2 samuel, YAY. but i think i might be going back there in a few years/months time. so much :)

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