me ♥

1. I ♥ time spent with Papa God. 

2. late nights are really quiet, which I fell in love with. 

3. ♥ roaming the supermarket past midnight

4. in ♥ with long bus rides, train rides..

5. taking long walks alone is a bliss ♥

6. it’s easy to break my heart, perhaps i’m a crybaby 

7. i want to be more sporty than my dad at home, he dragonboat :/

8. love  skateboards more than skateboarding..heh.. 

9. dream pursuer with Papa, one by one, till they all come to pass..

10. love to vent in drawing, painting.. 

11. needs a lot of space to think! pardon her for being so quiet. I’m always thinking. 

12. I love writing, anything under the sun, songs, rubbish, doodle. just place a marker and paper next to me. 

13. lyrical lover, ♥♥  music 

14. Extremely detailed when it comes to layouts and Type [design]

15. funny, blur, bummer who is simply weird :D


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