simply a chance to die

She asked Amy, “What is missionary life like?”

Amy wrote back saying simply,

Missionary life is simply a chance to die.   ”


i always wanted to be in missions, well the Lord asked me a question.

I can’t answer. I kept quiet. 

One night, I couldn’t sleep I found myself reading a book and it was about Christians being martyred.

The next morning in church, P.Thomas was preaching and from no where, 

he showed a video of a Christian being martyred to death, the torture the physical wounds and all. 

I know the Lord is speaking, but my heart refused to process and reflect about it. 

Comes the 3rd day, was sharing some inspiring quotes to  a good friend. 

And  He sent me what Amy Carmichael said, Missionary life is simply a chance to die. 

I knew I needed to face it. 

I came to a conclusion. 

It’s never about I can, but I will. 

All it takes it’s the willing heart, just like Jesus did.

He gave his life for all. 

What encouraged most from this friend was this 

‘ loved deep deep and mak mak mak mak mak ‘ 

God loves me deep deep and very very very very very much. 

what else could i say. 


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