a vacuum in arts

I can never understand, why is there a vacuum in arts.

I struggle, a vacuum in the midst of what I love to do.. the Arts.. 

It’s tough, when you are given a design brief, and you use your intellect and finish your work.. 

In the midst of doing, you wonder if this would be what the Father wants.. 

this vacuum, I simply have no idea what to do with it. 

I stumbled upon an article, it’s simply to worship and studying the word of God..

It’s a struggle with the issue of Time and Perseverance.. 

Well, I just want to enjoy creating things, I’m sure He enjoys seeing me create things I love and be a part and process in my creating.. (: 

that’s what I feel, simply create but remember He’s there when you create ! 


You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving –  Amy Carmichael 


this is so true, you can’t love without giving.. it’s like a resounding statement for me..

Create with Love, that’s the way of how I can give.. 

Interesting God, it’s a re-light of an issue in my heart.. 

I need to sit with this for some time :D


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