when you had more than your fill

the title of this post describes me right now… 

It’s so much so much, that my Father in Heaven, is teaching me.. 

they are so much so much, that I always term it, spiritual indigestion.. 

It’s overwhelming but yet , it spurs me on to love His word and wanna know this Amazing Father!  

Well, well.. Seems like an interesting journey ahead.. With school starting in  a few weeks..

I tried Oil painting during retreat, I had big regrets over it (: , what a funny thing… 

Many ask me , what do i do during my holidays.. so this is the answer

I seek the Lord, as He reveals things I never knew, I spend time, practicing figure drawing, painting, illustrating, reading, cleaning up my study room, reorganize, I’m going redesign space so I have a wonderful place to do my Homework when school start! , I’m obsessed with sketching and drawing little drawings, i wanna do a rainbow typography project and writing posts here (:  My new found LOVE, skateboarding..  Hmm.. 

I thank God for this space, that I can share this wonderful life with people (: 

I have a beautiful quote, i wanna share.. next post ! 



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