Be Amazed..

In my mission trip, the Lord taught me many lessons, this is one of them.. 

I was struggling hard, to think doing big things for God is what He wanted from me.. 

But no, but that very day, all I had do for Him, was just to usher people in.. 

Still I struggled, I wanted to share my testimony, but somehow God works another way round.. 

God is still good (: 

Then, the morning during worship, i cried and cried …

I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies flying around me.. usually, these are weird (:

Then, the Lord told me.. they are specially for you, each one that was sent near you. I broke down even more.. 

Indeed, there isn’t any God like mine ! 

Well, I asked why all the different things happened.. but He answered

Simply this, ‘ I just want to be with you.’ 

Nothing matters anymore.. That morning, I understood the importance of my very presence to the Lord.. 

Everything is simply changed, I’m glad so! 

When God calls you to do something, I would always think it is huge and heavy.. 

Not really anymore, it’s a new humbling process once more.. :D

Because, doing the exact thing He wants, not more not less. Just enough. 

He will use, what you have given .. but when I’m given thing to be done, I want to give my all for the Lord..


poof. samsam is suffering indigestion again :/

too much truths, in a day yesterday.. 

I’m pulling my hair, trying to piece everything.. 

I wonder why, at this time… God reveals so much suddenly :/

but samsam is not giving up, but just enjoy the Lord all day :D

that’s the best thing to do in life! 

i did a bad thing yesterday, shopping….. 

Artfriend is like a best friend.. :S


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