it’s been a while

It really has been a while since i wrote something. 

I’m leaving singapore in 3 days time.. 

excited but yet, there’s smth at the back of my head.. before I leave..

well, do my best and let God do the rest. 

someone told me, the place i’m going it’s a place time stood still.. 

I hope it’s true, sometimes I just wished I didn’t have to come home after every trip. 

anyways, i raised enough support for the rice. thank you ppl! 

:( I’ve not been doing much art these days.. doing other stuff i guess.. 

but I want to really do smth before I leave singapore. 

I’ve cleared some stuff in my room.. im just left with the table and 3 shelves.. 

oh wells, i got to bounce.. i’ve got errands to run today! 

will write again!


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