paper boxes

folding. folding. folding.

I’ve been doing this, the past few days in school.

Just to help our teacher, brainless job..

but really tiring. enjoy the company though.. 

and 15 mins cafe in school is opened! 

great place, good food; I must say.. 

More Frappes, Mocha, Cafe Lattes, Coffee, Smoothies, Italian Soda… 

It’s also a kind of pub. So we do, have the best of both worlds, I guess.

Isn’t that fantastic.. I can’t imagine, when assessments come…

There’s no need for BK anymore (: 

I’m really inspired to put in my all for my 2nd year..

Alright.. buzzing off, to dig out my old CPJs, go thru them.. 

i’m real bad with art history, I keep getting the timelines all mixed up.. 

Avant garde, Constructivism, Cubism, Modern art, Contemporary Arts…. oh wells.

see about next semester, I guess. 

if  I were to do an exhibit, I want to give my ALL, show the best to everyone. 

– disappear –


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