Top 10 inspirations

Top 10 Inspirations of ART

1. God

2. Poems, lyrics, the power of WORDS

3. Music

4. Elsie Flagnnigan – BLOG










5. Colors















6. Simplicity

7. one’s own IMAGINATION

8. Imaginary Friends Studio – official site 










9. Fabulous Editorial Design, Print











10. TYPOGRAPHY – what else?


I haven’t wrote stuff about art, for a long time. Well, the above are my Top 10 inspirations. Imaginary Friends Studio, it’s a new found inspiration in concept art, digital illustrations and stuff. Imaginary, whimsical, strange, mysterious.. Above all, today, I’ve thought it out. I want to put my heart and soul in what I do in the name of Art. Since God has given me this opportunity in school, I want to create art that touches and amazing pieces. Many a times, I looked at what others do, but I fail to look what I can do. Every artist, has something in their blood that creates something really well. It comes thru discovering, experimenting and accepting what they do. And do it real well. Until now, I’ve still got no idea why God put me in Lasalle. But I guess it doesn’t matter, I do love what I do right now, and I want to give my best and do my Best. In design, you have to be the best. I thought, i would post a quote from a classmate ‘In 20 years, you will be more dissapointed by what you didn’t do than by what you did.’ -Mark Twain I guess I’m someone who doesn’t want to miss this. I think I want to do all I can do before I regret it 20 years later. I took a nap today, I dreamt that I had a skateboard and I was skating in my house :( but I woke up, realizing it’s all but a dream. For once, I don’t mind this dream become a deja vu for me… I’m gonna scan in my doodles, and do rework with them all. 


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