i wished there was a rainbow today…


I’m going to be in Year 2 in a few months time. 

mulling over it.

in design, you can only be the Best, not the average.. 

this left a deep impression after the debrief that very day.. 

Year 2 is definitely more insane, MUCH more. 

1st week of school, there’ll be deadline. :(  

2nd sem we get to do a major. 

But the 3rd year was a BOMB. 

BA (Hons) – you have to go for an interview..

secondly, you gotta take 3 majors.. 

Graphic design, Advertising and Imaging Comm

they want 1st class honors..

I’m just thinking of doing one major… 

what a huge bomb laid. 

i’m so going to enjoy my HOLIDAYS now…

because I’ll be working till I break when school starts :o 

wells, but still do I love what I do?

I do still…


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