i needed to get it off my chest. 


stupidity. it’s just irritating. 

when everyone around you; except some.. 

their EYES only look at PERFECTION. whatever that has to do with themselves have to be PERFECT. 

it has to be the perfect photo, it has to be the perfect look, the perfect image, they have to look good, if not it’s all crap. 

i can’t stand this, i’m sorry, i’m totally not into perfection. 

I find pleasures in the imperfect, i find nothing is ever perfect, the flaws makes everything whole :D

i’m not the kind of artist who shoots, draw, design the beauty of this world, i’m someone who finds imperfection real and i see it as beauty too. 

so irritating. alright.

I’m back to editing my new photos; COLORS are my inspiration (:

hopefully, i’ll do it by tonight.


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