Alberto Seveso – Destructive Vintage Typography

i’m bored. and i found this.. this this .. but it’s too much to put all up here.. so this first then. i think i’m crazy about design and i’m going to be stuck with it for life. “____” . oh wells. TYPOGRAPHY. we’ll see. i just listened to a podcast.  I totally love it. It’s from Hillsong united; Sticky Prayer. Honestly, i’ve not been disciplined to pray so much. But i’m walking back to Prayer. It’s a conviction deep down when I heard it. This girl prayed for 17 years for her family to come to Christ and for her family to restored. I meant every night of 17 years. And Jesus did it. samsam, going to start praying; keep praying; keep praying. I’m not going to give up on things that it seem too hard. Will just keep praying. samsam is walking back the road of simplicity. God is the simple God who always loved me and I know all I want is to please God and make Him smile. Nothing should matter more than this. i’m walking back to being samsam. Honestly, school totally change me. well well. 


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