what’s up!


something i drew for a friend.. 

well, anyways… i’m done and over with assessments…

certainly all i want to do is rest. I’m so sick of schoolwork and the things revolving around me. 

Maybe i’m really dead tired, i want to go for a silent retreat! ahhh… 

Don’t have…. Well well, I’m going for a holiday soon with sarah and sharon.. 

a cruise to penang and phuket. 

I really want to get out of here, literally disappear… 

I’m really sick of this place.. 

I needa get out of here… 

i am so looking forward of getting out of the country… 

i am desperate to leave this place… 




2 thoughts on “what’s up!

  1. Sarah says:

    cute! sigh i have nothing up there right now. brain is non existent!

  2. justwhack says:

    haha. well, i was so stressed before that i dont even know what’s growing up on my head. heh.

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