a love affair

well, it’s a day to CCS presentation and submission of the RPJ folder

i miss daddy God. i don’t know why, or why my mind thinks and want to spend time with daddy God 

but yet my body seems to be a separated today. I don’t seem to be able to spend time with Him. 

submission, deadlines, what on earth am I living for.. I ask this question today. 

I don’t know why am I pursuing my deadlines.. But yet I know I can’t don’t finish my work. 

what an irony.. love design vs love God…

it can never weigh the same, if it  does, something is going wrong… 

why can’t I have the best of both world, dear GOD. 

I wished I was a little superhero who can do work and also spend time with daddy God.. 

But it’s IMPOSSIBLE. ok. enough.

after tomorrow I wonder I will love what I do or hate what I do. It is final portfolio time. 

Layouts, suck everything out of me… I spend hours and hours on them… I don’t know why. But it is a fact. 

Sometimes, you will love the layout sometimes you hate it.. I wonder what will happen tmr.. 

well, i guess, spending time with God  comes first.. no matter what still.. i’ve got to learn the hard way… (: 

oh wells, life goes on..


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