what about design students

1. They never wake up early ; usually they wake at the latest possible time they can. 

2. Design students oftenly forget their meals due to work. 

3. During classes, they cannot sit still, they have to walk around and play! 

4. They only realised they have not had their meals during class; and they will go get food — Burger King! 

5. Procrastination is everyone’s business in class seriously. 

6. We are highly emotional people especially when assessments come! – Do not disturb us  :D

7. Sleep doesn’t matter to us, it’s just the work that matters. 

8. Don’t try to even smoke us – we won’t buy that. (we have seen too much of these) 

9.  We all would loved to own a Xerox printer and photocopier,who wouldn’t seriously… 

10. Art Friend is always our very good friend or Best friend to some. (: 


I’m much better already, looking at what I wrote. Yeah, i’m not that stressed but I’m supposed to be writing essay, ended up with a post. Well, well… 4 more essays . I’m writing them now!


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