I’m in trouble. UNMOTIVATED.

Once this sets in, there goes… I won’t feel like doing anything…

But I put my trust no longer in myself, because I can’t trust myself perhaps not even in people. But only the God whom I know and has proven who He is and has been to me. 

Anyways, I think I’m seriously looking like this :/ 

On a lighter note, I’m planning to go somewhere on Friday. Despite my pile of work. I’ve been thinking a lot about my life. What am I doing with this life. I’ve been thinking about some people I’ve met in my life and yet you just can’t stop thinking, seems there’s something more… Perhaps, it’s time to go back there and sit there and smile. And be at Home. I’ve always called somewhere my Home. I’m going back there again. :D Nothing beats that place I guess. I miss the poeple, the friendliness. alright sum it all up with a photo. The photo I lost when i reformatted the mac. But somehow retained this … 


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