songwriting; is something amazing…

how the songs came to be, was simply or completely insane..

it’s all for God’s glory, not us, not me , no one but Him. 

there’s a lot of things suddenly I’m processing; which is bad

I’m thinking too much yesterday, till I got a terrible headache.. 

I never understood or want to ask God about it, because I fear the answer… 

I no longer want to ask Why God. Sometimes the answer is really daunting. 

I never want to ask again, unless He chose to reveal it. 

Well, I really thank God for friends who came along and talk to me about Arts and about their beliefs.

Opened my eyes, that suddenly I’ve got 2 friends can talk to me about God, Arts, Mankind and their beliefs. 

It’s been so long, i’ve ever been able to talk about these things.. and it is so true what has been said..

God, I just can’t stop thinking about the things that was said…


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