We live to worship you Lord

You are the reason that I live 

Because You first loved me

You are all that I want

Please let me be all that you want me to be


I want to worship you my Lord

With all you have given me 

I want to use it all for You

Let it flow from my heart

Let it flow from my heart


written by: Jee Fong, Sarah, Michael, Mahal, me  – I love the song,the process of writing it , being able to know all of them more. I’ve not known them at all.. As they are. Sad right, but it’s the truth. We go to church every week say Hi to ppl weekly but you don’t know what’s going on in their lives, who they really are. I think i learnt a lot. Writing songs with ppl you do not know. I enjoyed it! We may not be musically talented. But God don’t look at the talents, He looks thru that Heart so precious…


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