waking up is hard


I’m utterly tired.. Busy.. Crazy..  

Sometimes, people may think being in art school is cool and great. But I can tell you it’s the opposite. It’s much more crazy than all you ppl could think or understand. Culture and school work are good enough to drive you to breakdown. But yea, I’ve got someone who is greater alongside me, that’s why I’m still much alive in school. God is big, bigger than all the things I have to complete. Well, I’ve got to take it easy, I’ve not exercised for so long.. I need to workout.. that’s why my backache and stuff. I’ve got much to do. Sometimes, when I want to go out with some friends, it would be hard, but I wished I could spend more time with my other friends too. Not just my cell mates. (: Well, I’ve got what I asked for. I’ve already started on a new project in school. So there’s a phobia on each piece of paper. Guess what I picked. Theophobia. It’s the fear of gods and religion. I held my paper and my jaw dropped. I was like, uh oh.. But it’s cool. All the religious ppl in class is doing this project. Should I laugh or should I not. (: we have to develop a self help kit for the people who have Theophobia. Then, I dont know what to do. But I will, dont worry (: Things are such a surprise for me in school. I woke up so late this morning. super lazy. But it’s time to eat lunch and start doing my work. If not I’ll not get any stuff done. Sorry ppl, for taking so long to update my post. I’ll try to write more. (: 


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