I’m really sleepy, yet I’m not sleeping. I’m going to start working on an essay. I wonder how. 

Today, is one of the best day this week. When you see your old friends and just laaa KOPI and just talk about stupid things and funny stuff. What more can I say (: Just sad that I couldn’t catch a movie with them on a SATURDAY NIGHT! well well… Back to my essay but I found my bestie’s blog writing this interesting thing about LOVE

I thought it’s not just quite TRUE but VERY TRUE. seriously, she says it all, I’m going to quote it.

“Your heart is broken by him, though only momentarily and not over him alone- but the whole heartbreak is a symbol of something else much bigger. Your pride, your self-esteem, and your faith in your judgement of character.

(And at that moment you know the entire moment’s got a hold on you because you won’t like or love another until you find someone else who makes you believe in its purpose again, and that the world isn’t entirely superficial. Till then, you’ll either be waiting for him to show you that… or simply, that this post wrongs himself. )” 

From rah’s post on what Breaks your heart

I think it’s really true, someone you never knew could actually break your heart and when you face the moment of heartbreak. You’ll feel numb and telling yourself I don’t want to be in love.. Which is actually not true. Like what rah wrote, till you find someone else who make you believe in it’s purpose (LOVE) again. Won’t you fall back into this whole thing (: I wonder if Love makes the world go round sometimes … I don’t know about others, but I find this very true. As for me, when I see my friends breaking up or falling out of love that feeling just don’t feel good. Then, I begin to view love in a different perspective, maybe this ‘love’ game is not that good after all. Maybe I should just stay clear of it. Sometimes, I do feel this way. Oh wells. random thought again! 

But God’s Love triumph it all,  that’s the truth.


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