in every little thing I do

I wished I could play the guitar better than what I do now.

I want to live in Thailand for a while, be photographer and create art .

I want to travel to many different places, understand the culture of other places.

I want to continue dancing.

I wish I learnt skateboarding. 

I wish I can create art in the skatepark. (:

I wish I could visit many theme parks in the entire world (:

I hope all the days of my life, I can feed the hungry and poor .

I wish, with my hands and feet I could help as many people as I could.

I wish I have learnt music theory.

I want to play music not the instrument.

I want to write more music, as I hear and feel it. 

I want to share God’s love and grace to everyone .

I wish I knew God so much better than now.


These things are some things I want to do in this life. I’ve never written why I believe in God. At the age of 11 to 12, I told myself, there’s no God in this world. Thru, my logic and reasoning, I made that statement. You can reason a whole lot. Thinking, this can’t be logical. But, God rise above logic and reasoning. When I was 14, I was like a delinquent. But, I faced with an issue I could not deal with. I was there when my friends shoplifted. So, I am caught with them. So, I was really confused, I didn’t know what I could do or should do. I just attended to church for a week or two. When I went to church, I told myself, there is no God. How can there be one, unless He can prove it that He is God. So facing with that issue, I prayed, if God if you are Real, I really don’t know what to do anymore. Can you please HELP me? The next day, all  of us went to see the teacher, all of us are suppose to be suspended from lessons. But weirdly, the teacher came to me, and said Go back to class now. I was like, confused. I asked, you mean I can go back to class but why? She said, just go back to class. I walked, I can’t stop thinking. I realized could this seriously be the work of God. Yeah, I did believe it was. More things went on from there. When, whatever you pray got answered. You begin to realize God doesn’t believe in Logic and Reasoning. If life is about logic and reasoning, why is there God. A God that can create Miracles. (:  The other miracle He did was the miracle of the COPIC markers. (: It’s amazing how He did it seriously. That’s why I’m in Art School now. Happily ever after. 

just wanted to write this, so I wrote. I hope to do all my wants and wishes in this little life of mine. I wonder, if I should have studied music, after looking at my list. I’m kidding. (:


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