falling down

I thank God for this miraculous creation called the BLUE lotion. 

I kind of knew I will fall down soon, and I was talking to rah’s brother about falling down experiences just last night.

And this morning. I fell down. It seems, I fall every year.  This is my first fall for this year, hopefully my last as well.. (: 

It was painful. But not that bad. Thank God for Blue Lotion you see..

I fall all the time, if there is no blue lotion, i can’t imagine how long it take to heal my physical wounds.. (:

Lots of things happened yesterday, probably just cell..

I don’t know, what’s for me in future. Is Missions for me ? I don’t have the answer anymore. For yes, I have a heart for missions. But God’s destiny and plan for me is that what he planned? I don’t know. Someone said this to me, when I said, I’m going to do 2 years missions after i graduate. He asked you sure? and He answered. You never know, you just never know, only God knows. When U.thomas asked me, OM? I didn’t say a thing. I want to, but yet there’s a lot of things. I’m learning, processing still. But I know, my God is very BIG, too big to be contained. I need to a lil’ faith and trust Him. And yes, I’m going to thailand this coming June. I don’t know, but it’s a blessing to be able to go to third world countries, to feed the hungry, to care for the children and the unprivileged. I realized I’m too privileged, though sometimes I look at what I have compared to my friends, i may have so much lesser. But as compared to the poor, I think I want to do all that I can, with what my hands and my abilities to help them. Just like what Mother Theresa did. If you can’t feed many, just feed one. Make a difference to that one. (:   

When you know more things, I realized, I don’t need to know all these things right now. But yet God chose to reveal. It’s as good as a painting that I don’t understand. That’s the future to me. But yet, it will unveil when the time is right. And walk in deeper with God. Hungry for more of daddy God.


Always be hungry, yet satisfied in Him. 






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