i hate goodbyes.

seriously, i dislike them..

saying goodbye to a good friend of yours, the feeling isn’t great. Certainly, you wish for the best for the friend but, being good friends seeing them go. It’s different feeling. All the same, actually, perhaps one day, it’ll be my turn. But if it’s my turn, I think I really need to really work hard in school right now… Famous designers love to say this, keep working, just keep going.. To  be a designer who is good, you really need to work really very hard. Still, I hope in a certain season of my life, i’ll be able to go to NYC to be a designer. To every designer, they would really hope to work in NYC, it’s where design and the arts is.. 

Well, back to saying goodbyes, goodbyes are hard, but I always felt it always good for us. (: Well, I’ve been thinking to go to Thailand this coming June. I don’t know man, i feel so lost and out of touch with missions. I don’t know, fear? But a friend asked, why do u like going to south east asia for missions, should go somewhere further. It’s not that, but to be where God has placed you, so He could use you to your potential… Everyone has a different calling, for a purpose. 

still, i hate saying goodbyes :(


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