That’s something we did in school.. Using colors to speak about emotions.

the colors of Joy. 

It’s been really fun, this week, tiring, I’ve never learnt so much in my entire life since last week.

I learnt basics of sound last sunday and more on wednesday.. 

I am taught of what does Loving God means thru God himself.. 

I’m learning all about info graphics. I’m going to cry doing this… It’s not easy.. 

I’m learning to have perfect time management.

I’ve gotten a new habit of reading quotes.. Writing is a beautiful thing. 

I learnt that I can really write copy quite well, well the fun and crazy kind of copy. Yes, i does that above average people. 

I learnt, I can create taglines easily, in a twinkle. 

But I don’t really want to major in advertising though, taglines is something I’m into. 

I’ve learnt, you need to have fun even when you’re working. 

I’ve learnt of myself, that I’m falling deeper in love with Typography. 

Bounced off to do some research for schoolwork.. :) 

I’m always happy to do homework!  

Because I’ve found my passion, have you? 


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