august rush

I’m up , i caught all in all 3 movies within 48 hours.. 

It’s ages I’ve not been to the movies, because it was mind bogging for me… 

I think I missed a lot of good movies seriously.. I think, I need to catch up. But it’s ok..

August Rush is a great movie, I should have just bought the Dvd at gramophone yesterday. I didn’t.

Finally, I watched it online. I have not processed the movie. But, one of the theme songs, is the Father’s Song.. 

Well, the one, Papa Simon played the mp3 … I’m a fan of this movie right now.. 

Any good recommendations? I think I’ll fall in love with filmart definitely. OKTO. Seriously show good films.

Whatever it is, I need to smile as radiantly as I go visiting tomorrow. Not my cup of tea. Bring a book, read, draw and color. I think this work best.

Seriously, call my work as my hobby. my hobby as work. I can’t draw a line with it. Weird. But it’s a fact… Whether I’m free a not, I hold my pen or pencil with paper. I start it all.. Paint and paintbrushes work the same.. More to be done…  I’ve got myself a new wallpaper  saying this

‘ Do your work. Don’t be stupid’

It just ain’t working as it should. I’ve still got a couple of stuff to do… Well, I’m trying not to write on the wall. I’ll be so stressed out…  Anyway, I attempted doing sound today. EQ-ing was good, make you really listen to your friends who work in the ministry. Well, you know how they sound usually, but this time, it’s stretching your ears to really hear what they play. Very interesting… 

well, august rush makes me happy. watch it if you have an opportunity! 


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