a lil’ upset

Pictures says a thousand words.

It’s the pretty Nikon F3, I’m currently struggling with Nikon FM2 

I developed a blank roll! But it’s alright.. 

I give thanks! Even thru all the surprises come everyday, Give thanks! 

I’m done with my project (: that’s the best thing.. 

I’m definitely on time, with all the research and sketches…

Seriously, first time, I kind of not feel very stress… deadline is on friday

On top of that, new design brief on friday… it’ll not be a boring new year… 

Oh yes! I have a nephew now, his name is Jaren.  

Will post Jaren’s photo soon.. So cute! 

Babies are fabulously cute..



6 thoughts on “a lil’ upset

  1. jOyce says:

    hey girl. haha the film camera looks cool! haha dont worry, i’ve developed tons of blank film before. most annoying. esp when its not your normal type of film that cost like $14 per roll..

  2. eirik says:

    fm2 is a gem, keep it.

  3. yuhong says:

    oh man oh man.
    you’re into these little wonders now!

    let me know if you need any help yea,
    i’ve got a couple of FEs, FE2, FMs, TLRs and lenses if you need to play with them =)

    currently i’m trying to get a mint condition F3HP after selling off the not-so-good condition copy!

    have fun with these wonders!

  4. justwhack says:

    TLRs, uncle yuhong, these wonders are fun.. But i’m not that rich to keep developing them though :( sad..

  5. yuhong says:

    heys! try self-developing, its fun =)

    now im using slides like full-time. film simply brings out the character.

    • justwhack says:

      yea, i agree film simply brings out the character… u have to teach me how to self develop la.. my dad just say only, never teach me how to do it… u must teach me…

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