balloon fly

i’m feeling like a Balloon this moment

flying free, flying high in the sky 

sometimes I stop and wonder 

when is life going to stop ?

God says, life is not stopping till the day I come. 


* random writing – Sometimes, I have a habit of not stopping. I wonder do you people stop or do humans have the similar problem as mine. Stop to look and realize and awake. It’s interesting. It’s a reminder even it’s going to be busy soon, I need to STOP! Very often, when i’m working on a project. I don’t eat my meals. This is a truth, i would lose my appetite or forgotten all about it. Secondly, I could be too worried to even want to eat. When i’m really into my work, everyone in the house knows, I hang a  DO NOT DISTURB sign. Don’t disturb,or you’ll be in serious trouble. I’ll just chase them out where I’m working, or I could start to pull my hair, don’t come in here to irritate me. i just wanted to write tonight. that’s all.


2 thoughts on “balloon fly

  1. eirik says:

    hmm… take it easy gal

  2. samsam says:

    yea, I’m learning to, i hope this semester will be better..

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