a new beginning

Back to school, back to life.. 

Will I have the usual 5 hours of sleep this semester? Tired, moody, a zombie? 

Not that now, it’s a new year, some resolutions for new year. To keep myself on track or have smth to look forward to….

samsam’s 2009 little dreams (:

my little spiritual dreams 

1. Be OBSESSED with God – that’s nth can fill me, but Him alone even though the world thinks i’m crazy, i need to learn to say it’s ok. Nothing is more important than this. 

2. Just be me samsam, dont try so hard to someone I’m not. 

3. Paint more paintings based on God inspired truths, scriptures , more of God less of me. 

4. Hard to write this : Intercession :( 

5. Be obsessed with school and work HAND in HAND with God – Working for God, working with God  is different. 

6. Skatepark – still praying and waiting …

7. Walking into deep waters with God, even if I have to be fully submerged in water.. 

Day to day dreams

1. Put back the things where it is suppose to go. 

2. Minimize the use of photoshop in my art work, to create things using the raw methods (:   –  It must come true! I dont want to face photoshop everyday! 

3. Learn to COOK – i really need to learn i dont know. 

4.  Hoping to go to Thailand for a Retreat and a mission trip (:  — Can I have both God? 

5. Learn to eat breakfast (: Learn to eat SLOWLY for all my meals..

6. Take up a language course, i wanted to take up Thai, but I look at all the other languages, all seemed more interesting only.


2009 – I’m walking on water, but yet like Peter, when the storm come, I may fall into deep waters, but God will come and pull me out. I choose to dream with God (:  a theme for the year, will be the song I’m going to post (: 

Dear God, these goals, may be set naturally, but Lord, that’s some things I really need to work on, like eating breakfast, to me it’s really hard! Things may be uncertain for me, for a reason, teach me Lord to wait for you, to wait even though i may be uncomfortable, help me to be stretched by you for your will and keep me in school working with you doing crazy pieces that God you have upon your heart, Teach me Lord to work with you, I pray. yeah!


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