many words, but it can’t be expressed

God showed up today, in a real way. 

I uttered a prayer to God, God if you really want me to do sound, u send the person to ask me. That’s the confirmation. 

Indeed, it happened. After service, U.ced came. I was like No, I’m not doing it, then a bell rang, I remembered what I said to God. I finally like gave in, and ask how come you come to ask me… I knew it’s God. 

That’s part one. 

The preacher preached this today. Haggai 1… I wrote in my journal after worship … WORK with God. Then God was talking about rebuilding the house of God which was in ruins. I knew, stepping down from singing is the right thing I chose to do. What was running in my mind, i was thinking about Arts in church. I won’t deny, often I feel no one understands what I’m doing. It seems no one I can talk to about the Arts openly with. I had many times, wanted to move on to COOS. I can tell you many times, because they had art ministry that I was searching and longing for. I really want to move with God with the Arts. Somehow, it pricked my heart today with the sermon. Don’t think it’s not time. God’s saying it’s time. But still, I’m in a whirl.. Only the Shepherd leads with Arts. But it was a struggle for me, I really had that passion to use Arts. But yet, i dont know how, there’s no ministry in church with that. That burst my shell i was in. I’m not staying in a place where I know, I want to walk towards slowly. 

Thirdly, I know I can’t run away from intercession. I’ve faced up to it. It’s not going to be easy, a lot of tears, but it reaps joy. When you sow with tears, you will reap with joy. 

Lastly, I didn’t expect someone to come up to me and say. God was with you during that song right? I looked at her and the first thing I said. How come you know? I was like stunned for the moment. Because no one ever said that to me… NO one seriously. I was like. God, how did she know. She said simply, i felt God within you and with you and she added I want to have God the way like you. I was like, how did that happen.. But I know, my life in loving God and obedience impact lives. For once, I felt like a walking bible. That’s my prayer for the year ahead. When they see me, I pray that my life will point them to Christ and grow even closer to Christ. Just like what she said. That person, is Grace. You truly made me amazed and lost for words. It’s really a great encouragement… 

It’s like so much happened in a day. I’m disappearing, to work on a project with God and it’s intense for the next 2 days. A world of my own with God.  So yea. Creating art, is tough. But it make me happy and enjoy what i do. So yea. 

bounce bounce bounce. bounced off!


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