Christmas flew away

I’ve named the painting i posted (: Weaknesses. It’s painted out of my weakness. But God’s love, comfort and strength shine thru my weakness (:

I got the name, on the day I wrote the past post. 

Every Christmas, just get better and better, what else? I love Christmas, who don’t? But I really dont  like Chinese New Year. 

I’m bored tonight, I slept and woke up. Dinner then played a movie, Mr and Mrs Smith. Now I’m here.

I’ve not started with designing. I’m suppose to do it today. There’s alway a BUT, I didn’t do it yet.. it’s ok, I think i work best with deadlines, that’s why. 

I hope school starts quickly and yet not quickly too. Ironic. I’ve seen my new timetable. I can strangle myself with it. 

I’ve still got a 5 hr break on tuesday /: With incredible teachers who will drive me crazy, a new teacher who will drive me nuts, that’s for sure. Both of them, will reject our work like forever or smth. But that’s not the point, they drive us mad, but our work will only Improve, it will not go down. Because it’s stretching, it forces us to think CRAZY. And ensuring we do it to our perfection, and further perfect it. Details, is of great importance I would feel that way. I’ve got 4 core modules this term. Seems like it. I’m going mad. I’ve got an additional module, advertising communication. This will create havoc, copywriting. I’ll cry. 

I just complained my way thru, I hope this would help me to re-enter school with a better heart, and not with a negative perspective of school. I just have to learn to work hand in hand with God. He put me there, for a reason, not to allow me to depend on myself and my skills. But on Him and Him alone. I will learn to work with God. It’s not easy, it’s a challenge. I’m going to pull my hair because of the workload, I have started to think how much sleep will I get this new semester. I need to be obsessed with my schoolwork and certainly with God . Obsessed with God, hand in hand with schoolwork. What more (: I have to hang in there. To create from my heart, to create ART that Matters to this world. I really question, if it doesn’t matter why are we creating in the first place (: 

Art that matters, a life of hope. 

2009 is like pitch darkness, like a blind man, I’ve no idea, what’s next for me? But to trust the Good Shepherd. 

bounced off (:


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