i hate falling sick!

Blind Faith

Blind Faith

Dwelling Places

Dwelling Places






What i’ve been up to, making art, went out for a photo road trip… Doing some work for my Dad.. Each day passes by so quickly and finally I’m down with a running nose and a sore throat. I hate sore throat. For real. Anyway, finally I got down to uploading some paintings I did. Let’s do some explanation here. 

Blind Faith – A painting done without my eyes. I literally painted without seeing. It was frustrating and I was like so edgy. The Lord spoke thru the painting. I understood what I painted though to some people it’s a blob of mess. But I assure you to my eyes and God’s it’s not a mess. But seriously, following after God without knowing where He’ll lead you. Following God without knowing what, where and how. I choose to follow.

Dwelling Places – Psalms 84 . Finally this is completed since Feb 2008, I didn’t finish this painting for I’m always worried of ruining my paintings and what I do, something that already looked good. Why dwelling places, I just want to be with the Lord. I was Homesick, I was homesick to be home in heaven. So I painted this, I just want to be with the Lord, so it’s a dwelling place with me and God (: So I will not forget! 

Faithful – Why Faithful, this name came and finally gain understanding for this painting after so long. It’s a test God gave me. I was frustrated with everything I’m not responsible to do, why must I do it. Why do I have to even do favors for people for nothing? But yet, I know I can’t say No. God showed me thru my Utmost for His Highest devotion, the test of Faithfulness. I choose to do it, because of God,  I don’t like it but I do it. Staying Faithful to God, it’s really a pain to do things against what you don’t want to. Then, spending time going thru this process, this line was playing in my itunes. I made a vow, my life will always follow Christ, whether I live or die. So, that’s right. That’s how I should live and must live. Follow Christ. Nothing can go wrong that way. God is my Shepherd, my Guide and my light (: 

there’s more things to do. I dont know how also. It’s going to be crazy soon enough!  God I pray for Abundant Rest! I hope everything will turn out alright !  See ya!


2 thoughts on “i hate falling sick!

  1. eirik says:

    dwelling places is amazing.
    you have a gift. keep painting.

  2. samsam says:

    thanks (:

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