The Lord’s Heart


The Lord’s Heart

This is something I’ve been working on for 3 days or more… It’s something I drew long ago, but somehow didn’t finish the drawing and I have also lost it. God just brought it back to mind with another work I did. I name this  The Lord’s Heart. In His heart, it doesn’t lies the plans of this world. In His heart, it’s each and everyone He created. Everyone is different and unique. So the hands are like people. Small hands big hands, different colored hands. All of us live in His heart, we are also one Body in Christ. The colored hands signifies the different spiritual gifts God has given His children, we work as ONE. Living in God’s heart also meant to me, loving one another. Sermon today, just made me smile. Love one another isn’t just EXPRESSION. It’s also ACTION. So this is what it is about. Surprisingly, everyone around me been sharing about UNITY and spiritual gifts too, too much of a coincidence. This painting. (: This painting is also my prayer for my church for the church of Christ. (:

I’m sleepy. I’ll go take a nap, and I’m going to paint more. This week. Christmas is round the corner, I dont have or feel the Christmas mood. But this Christmas, I want to REMEMBER Jesus my best friend, my savior, the lover of my soul. I think all I need is faith, to continue this season with God, to really start painting and do what He wants. And please Him. see you people. Marcus, thanks for the beautiful postcards! It really bring a smile on my face. I’m going to stick them all over my room. (: Appreciate them a lot! 

I’m a happy and sleepy girl who needs to sleep now! Bye! 


One thought on “The Lord’s Heart

  1. sinyi says:

    it’s beautiful!

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