sleepy day

I’ve been sleepy all day today. I’ve really sleep a lot after that 10 KM run yesterday it’s an achievement to only reach home at 7 p.m.. So I was really tired already. It’s cool running and then popping by Red dot museum.. It was MAAD sunday, so many things to look (: i bought some stuff there.. Because I probably not going to find such things elsewhere. Unique things are things that catch my attention and things I appreciate. I never liked things that are replicated so much that people may be wearing what you wear or have what you have. It’s just not something for me, i guess. 

During the 10 Km run was really funny, we get tired running right, then I spotted this person with the Jersey saying With God, all things are possible.. So I smiled and looked to sinyi and ask her to look as well.. Then we spotted another one right after that. That’s like  Jesus loves you, Run to Him. Oh it made a smile on my face.. Run to Jesus. Then of course the people cheering along the way was fun… they really helped by encouraging us to finish the race… 

I think God is really interesting in my life, really really. 

I’ve came to a point in my life, getting attached is no longer an issue to me. 

I’ve looked at all the things that have happened, things God has assured me, but I can look at it and say I dont know whether it can really happen or it’s just a dream. 

I dont dare to believe it can happen but think to myself it’s probably a dream a dream that God can fulfill not what I can do. 



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