my life is a puzzle

‘Being foolish for God is better than being wise in the eyes of men.

When you dare to believe God for great things, people come against you, relatives come against you and many times even Christians will come against you. They will tell you how impossible it is or a hundred reasons why it cannot be done.

If God’s work can be done by the hands of man alone, man will take the glory.
But if its impossible by man’s standards, and it is accomplished. God takes the glory.’

– taken from the blog : A voice in the dark. 

(: I think it’s a sunshine over the cloudiness. I couldn’t much sleep because I’m thinking of what someone said to me last night. There’s a lot to it, because what he said was what I saw a few days ago. But of course, this person also had an amazing relationship with God. We were just talking about gifted, express, normal stream. I kind of understood what he’s talking about. I know God has given me gifts, I understood things a lot. Knowledge of God, I have it within me. But this person has shown me, yes the gifts are there, so are you going to use it for God or not. I can smile at this (: I know I can, that’s if I want to come out of my nutshell, and it seems I have to. I really have to come out from this place. It’s not about glory, the gifts God gave me, but to use it for His glory. Poof! I’m smiling again! Erm.. Like I said, it’s been so long I seen someone who longs for God as I did before. 

I need to fly off to Sentosa, i really want to say nothing is more important than your own relationship with God. byebye! here from me again.. I am going to write more I guess…


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