a rock laid on my heart

utterly confused. (: 

I’m just really confused with God and my relationship with GOD. 

it’s like an overwhelming TANGLE or you can call it TANGO. When I dont even know how to dance Tango. 

i barely stepped out of something, more interesting stuff came along for me. I meant it’s like a mountain. 

I call it SP Cell, a cell attending at SP every wednesday. Someone there, amazes me smth. Will you ignore your spiritual gifts of what God has given you and you know it and not use it? Hmm… Do what you can with what you have at where you’re at…

The rock on my heart will not be said. It’s smth I want to keep it for myself to know. To understand to see what God has for me. It’s not going to be an easy road. Where I’ll be going. Where I’m heading. Because I dont know where’s my destination. Exciting. Thank you God for being with me all the time (:

I give thanks for confusion and uncertainty and all the things I’m going thru these days. It’s a rollercoaster ride…. 


utterly confused, but still a child of God, a reality that will  not change.


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