a world of delusion

i’ve been watching project runway. Finished season 1. 

I’m getting affected by the way people behaved, on media. 

Living in a world that’s like that. Really overwhelmed me, how did they survive working in such studios. 

I came to a conclusion, designers have crazy emotions, dont step into their boundary.

Will I be a designer like them, but I really have no idea.. I dont want to be a designer like them. 

But to be myself, very often, I dont know who I am. But I need to know who am I

Secondly, as designers, we need to believe in our design. Stand up and defend it if we have to. Having no regrets what we did. I like this show, I wonder why there’s no show on graphic design? I really wonder. But still I think it will be equally crazy too. But well, I still love studios. 

I dont know, how to be a christian designer in this world, but I know, He’s with me. This reality is hitting me of this world. Not depressed but a little shaken…


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