nikon FM2 vs nikon D90

I was spot on, I was telling my sister, Daddy is so getting the new nikon D90

Within 20mins, he came home with it. 

Faster than I thought, but I’ve not really played with it, because Dad said it’s too smart a camera. 

Film photography somehow interest me more. Someone said, it’s a one shot thing, once press it can’t be deleted, neither can it be edited using photoshop or determines how it comes out as. 

Well, that’s true. But no matter how I say to one of my friend, film photography is not normal photography. Photoshop have no power to do as what film can do. He didn’t believe. But I think it’s true that film photography will have effects not all cameras can have. It’s unstoppable, cannot be edited, because it goes straight to print. 

That’s the reason why I still like the heavy and bulky nikon FM2. With the click of the shutter, it sounds perfect, we can shoot, but how it will look it’s a different story. And I like the mystery of such photos. It’s like life, you just dont know how it’ll turn out. And that’s absolutely true. 

And, many people asked me what do I learn in Photography, I gave you guys an answer, nothing much. But I realized, I dont think it’s nth much anymore… It’s simply that it stuck to me that it becomes a part of me, so i said nothing much.. :/ Opps. I will let the 2 of you I said nth much know what i’ve learnt, I doubt it’s quite inappropriate to write it on the blog. 

I should get going.. to get me up to do my art and stuff.. slacking too much.

Pageone I’m coming tomorrow. It’s a bookshop again. But my eyes have a great treat of design books. 



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