I want to hold the hand that holds the world

I thank God, everything is ok with my sister already, with all that was shot at one another.. that’s siblings right. Oh wells.

In the end, Le Papilion went really well, didn’t get to attend it but felt was good still. I finally visited COOS. That’s a place I’ve been dying to visit. So me and sinyi who’s sick and she felt like going yesterday, so we went. I only do these crazy things with her. Crashing here, flying there. But God still never fails to surprise me. (: 

Talking about certainty, that i’ve decided to not sing for worship for the coming year. A lot of  things, I felt God is leading me out, so decided upon that. I went COOS yesterday, it’s been a long while going another church, attending Youth service. It’s amazing, the hearts the passion of the youths, poof, its of great passion and power. God revealed stuff again, where He’s leading. 2 years running away hiding away from intercession. I think I’m back at the starting point of it. (:  But it’s a new thing to me, what I thought intercession is about, it freaked out like how am I going to pray and intercede for hours. Now I felt pastor’s msg today was spot on. Prayer has a same function but different forms. Corporate prayer, intercession, prayer groups… and so on… As I walked with God these few weeks, things is changing. It’s a major change, that’s why holidays has been kept busy and happy. Painting away. Wasting all my paints on painting. 

For me, I think God is moving me out of singing for a good reason, I’m painting again. No where to hide. It’s not that new to me but still new. Intercessory thru painting. I never ever thought about it. But it’s coming towards me this season of my life. I guess, nothing else to do but to trust and obey God? 

But I’m glad with the baby steps i’m moving on. I’m really touched by how God used art for the world and for me. I didn’t share a lot about art and healing. But there were instances how God healed or revealed things thru healing. This can’t be denied. There was a time, many months back. I was filled with envy and jealousy of others , like what they have but I dont. So I started to vent using art. So I drew a heart. But I somehow used green crayons, God just had to say use green. without saying anything so I drew and i drew till it is complete. Without noticing , it was a green heart, till I finished. I looked and I broke down, because I know what God is saying. And I’ve seen how it heals, like my paintings, depicts my emotions at the current moment, when I’m troubled or sad or angry. My paintings are dark. I painted 5 paintings of the same thing. I saw the gradual progression of the colors. from dark to lighter and lighter and finally it looks good. I really see how it healed me with everything that was happening at home last week (: God’s will huh? 

I think, it’s time to do what He wants me to do. Poof. But this week, i’m going out a lot! 

Anyway, a song that touched my heart. 

By Starfield (Jon and Tim Neufeld)

The hand that holds the world

No greater joy is there than this

To know for what we’re meant to live

To hold Your hand and touch Your face

To find ourselves in love’s embrace

I want to stand before the king

Join in the song that heaven sings

I want to hold the hand that holds the world

I want to know the mystery

Reach out and touch the majesty

I want to hold the hand that holds the world


No greater love could be bestowed

That you would name us as your own

Your daughters sing your sons rejoice

They gather here before your throne

You are, You are the author of creation

We are, the children of your heart

You are, You are the light of all the heavens

We rise, to worship all you are      





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